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After his 14 year career in professional baseball, Livingston trains young baseball players in the physical and mental skills that it takes for a person to progress to the next level in their baseball career. This is the place to plan on your college baseball stardom, prime your young baseball hopeful to be an outstanding player at any age level, and just hone your skills so you can excel in your local baseball league. Statistically, kids that see professional instructors like Livingston have longer careers then the ones that do not take that extra step.

What better teacher could you have than a professional pitcher that also had an exceptional batting average? The mental and emotional toughness that it took for Livingston to keep on going and keep on winning despite the challenges players face during a long-term career is a skill that can be taught and developed with practice, focus and discipline — all of which Bobby helps his students focus on during their sessions.

Bobby Livingston Professional Baseball provides pitching and hitting lessons to young ballplayers, including softball who are serious about improving their game. This is a complete baseball and softball skills training program. The level of instruction is very professional and the effort required is intense.

The advantages of Bobby Livingston Professional Baseball are many. Your future baseball star learns the fundamentals through a disciplined program. Students also learn some of the tricks of the game that only the pros know. Your child gets the benefit of being trained by seasoned professional that can help them learn to overcome the losses and make the very best of the skills that they have.

Baseball is a subtle game that is filled with nuance that only long term professional players understand. It is all about practice and developing a skill set that can take you to the next level of your baseball career. If your child is determined to become a college level player or a professional player, then you can find no better or more experienced trainer that Bobby Livingston.

Pitching, fielding, batting and how to play the mental game that makes winners is what you can expect for a price that anyone can afford to invest in order to take it up a notch on the performance scale. If you would like to contact Bobby about the coaching he provides, please feel free to fill out the form below, or call 314-807-2933.

All cancellations need to be made 24hrs in advance. Charge for late cancel is session Fee.

Hours Of Operation (During School Season)

Mon-Fri: 4:30PM-9PM

Saturday: 10AM-5PM & Appointments

Sunday: Scheduled Appointments Only

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